The Last Colonizer | DJI World | Behind The Scenes

The challenges for a filmmaker venturing out to Chile’s remote Patagonian steppes are numerous. Requiring three days travel by horseback from the nearest city to reach their subject, gaucho Heraldo Riel, both size and weight of their gear was highly restricted, yet the resulting short film could contain no compromises.

See how the DJI Osmo, Ronin and Inspire 1 Raw enabled Foster Visuals to capture the DJI Story called The Last Colonizer.

Client: DJI

Brent Foster: Director/Filmmaker/Editor
Pawel Dwulit: Filmmaker
Preston Kanak: Filmmaker/Editor
Peter Schnobb: Colorist
Defacto Sound: Sound Design
Fixer: Chile Fixer, Max Cruz
Translation: Angela Vergara
Graphics: Jason King
Music: Marmoset